Links and Resources

Earth Day 50th Anniversary

April 22nd is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! Every year Children's House cleans up trash from Triangle Park - what can you and your family do this year? 

Tips for Homeschooling During Coronavirus

Stories from Audible

Audible is offering a selection of free stories while schools are closed around the country. 

Drawing and Comic Activites

Jarrett Lerner, author and illustrator of EngiNerds, is offering free activities for parents to download and print. 

Materials from Conscious Discipline

At Children's House we have a particular manner with which we handle conflict with our students, help them manage challenges, and overall empower their problem solving skills. While we don't actively use the "Conscious Discipline" brand we certainly use many of these skills many times a day. Conscious Discipline has put a number of resources online for free to help schooling at home be as productive as possible. 

Learning Spanish with Johanna

This site was recommended by a CH parent. Johanna incorporates music, singing, and movement in the teaching of Spanish vocabulary (and the videos are short and sweet, not a ton of vocab presented at once).

Home-schooling advice from veteran home-schoolers: First step — relax

Seattle Times article on homeschooling and now to make it manageable for everyone

Scholastic Learn at Home: Grades PreK-K

Scholastic activities broken down for 5 days of activities per week 

Daily Schedule and Calendar

Children thrive with routine.  Click below to view the Children's House daily schedule as a sample routine that your child is already familiar with.  There's also a link to a free weekly schedule created by former Children's House parent , Teresa Shishim that you and your child can fill in together!