Stage I: Pre-reading


Visual perception and auditory skills

Phonics skills

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Stage I: Pre-writing

Sensorial writing

Pin poking

Download PDF

Lowercase Letter Outlines a-z (pdf)


Metal Inset Template (pdf)


Pre-writing with Metal Insets (pdf)


Stage II: Development of Reading and Writing


Blending letter sounds together to read words and writing with the moveable alphabet:

Short vowels words (three letter consonant - vowel - consonant words)

Blends (blending two consonants together, ex. sl)

Digraphs (two letters that create a new sound, ex. sh)

Long vowels and other vowels patterns

Tracing letters and words

Writing on primary lined paper (red and blue lined paper)

Writing on regular notebook paper

Reading Boxes

In a Montessori classroom, this stage of reading and writing is taught and practiced using the “reading boxes”. The reading boxes are a phonetic reading program that break down the skills needed for reading and slowly builds upon itself. Once the students have mastered their letter sounds and can consistently identify the beginning, middle and end sounds of a word, as well as blend three sounds together to create words (ex., c-a-t), they are ready to begin with the Pre-selected boxes.  Follow this link to directions on how to make your own movable alphabet at home  The Sizzy and Pals Books that accompany the reading program can be found at the bottom of this page.

Writing Practice

The color coded letter tracing files each include a black line page that can be used with tracing paper and a dotted line page that can students can write on directly. The colors correspond to our letter groups (ex., red letters are s, m, a, t).

Stage III: Reading Writing as a Tool


Fact finding

Grammar and word study

Writing skills (journaling, story writing and recording data)

Higher lever phonics skills (irregular words, pre and suffixes and compound words)